Prospective Transfer Student-Athlete Information

(Message from Director of Athletics Rahsaan Carlton)


Dear prospective student-athlete,


The Penn State Harrisburg Athletic Department and coaching staffs appreciate your interest in Penn State Harrisburg. We invite you to complete this transfer prospective student-athlete form.  


Before we continue any conversations about your transfer, we need to ensure that we have permission to contact each other from your previous institution.


If you attend/ed a Division I or II school, please contact your compliance office in your athletic department and ask them to write us a letter allowing you to contact Penn State Harrisburg. 


If you attend/ed a Division III school, you may issue your own release (called a self-release) to allow us to communicate for 30 days. For a self-release, go to


If you need any assistance for any of these steps, please contact Penn State Harrisburg Compliance Coordinator Scott Duncan at or 717-948-4308.


After we have permission from your previous institution, our compliance and coaching staffs will follow up with you as soon as possible.



Rahsaan Carlton

Director of Athletics