Athletics Partnership Program


penn state harrisburg athletic partnership opportunities and benefits list




During its recent history, Penn State Harrisburg athletics has been the beneficiary of numerous philanthropic gifts, making possible the ongoing expansion and success of its NCAA Division III varsity programs.


Penn State Harrisburg is committed to providing student-athletes with a high-quality collegiate experience that prioritizes academic and athletic achievement at the highest level of NCAA Division III, resulting in regionally and nationally ranked programs, while preparing students for life following graduation and emphasizing the morals and core values of the University. In the classroom, and on the field of competition, our student-athletes have made us— and the Capital Region—very proud. With your support, we can do even more to provide the facilities, programs, and collegiate student-athlete experience our recruits dream of, and our current student-athletes deserve.


Few athletic traditions are as proud and recognized as Penn State’s. Your partnership with Penn State Harrisburg athletics will demonstrate your shared belief in the value of intercollegiate athletics, as student-athletes are molded into future leaders. Investments from our partners will be used to support our teams and facilities.


You can support Penn State Harrisburg’s athletic programs and student-athletes at one of four philanthropic levels, including the MVP level, the Champion level, the All-American level, and the All-Star level. Benefits for each level can be found at this link. Those who would like to partner with Penn State Harrisburg athletics or explore additional funding opportunities can contact Director of Development and Alumni Relations Noah J. Roufos-Abbey and/or Director of Athletics Rahsaan Carlton.


Noah J. Roufos-Abbey

Director of Development and Alumni Relations



Rahsaan Carlton

Director of Athletics



To learn more about the history of athletic philanthropic gifts and how they have improved the Penn State Harrisburg student-athlete experience, as well as the college's athletic facilities, click here