Penn State Harrisburg Athletics Hall of Fame

Nomination Form

Hall of Fame Charter


Mission Statement

The purpose of the Penn State Harrisburg Athletics Hall of Fame is to commemorate the achievements of those student-athletes, coaches, administrators and staff who have distinguished themselves through excellence in athletic performance and service.


Selection Criteria

A person will be considered eligible for nomination to the Penn State Harrisburg Athletics Hall of Fame if at the time of nomination he/she fulfills one of the following criteria:

  • Fits one of the following categories of candidates: student-athletes, teams, coaches, athletic administrators and staff members.
  • For student-athletes, graduation from Penn State Harrisburg and/or the Pennsylvania State University is a significant consideration for induction into the Penn State Harrisburg Athletics Hall of Fame. In exceptional cases, decorated student-athletes who left Penn State Harrisburg in good standing but did not graduate from the school can be nominated. Student-athletes who are nominated for consideration must be at least five years removed from their final year of competition.
  • For teams to be nominated for consideration, there must be at least 10 years removed from their final date of competition.
  • Coaches, administrators and staff must serve with distinction and be a minimum of five years removed from employment in order to receive consideration.
  • Pre- and post-Penn State Harrisburg accomplishments can factor into a nominee’s candidacy as long as they fall within the sphere of athletic achievement and have some connection to the nominee’s athletic career at Penn State Harrisburg.