Faculty Athletic Mentor Program


Consistent with the NCAA Division III philosophy the Penn State Harrisburg Athletic Department is committed to integrating athletics within the educational mission of the college and creating and supporting a culture of success which encourages and supports each student athlete's pursuit of both academic and athletic excellence.


Penn State Harrisburg’s Faculty Athletic Mentor program is designed to support student-athletes by increasing communication and strengthening connections among student-athletes, coaches and faculty. By creating a stronger network around the student-athletes, we hope to maximize the potential for each student-athlete to reach his/her goal of excellence in both academic and athletic pursuits.

- Promote mutual appreciation and increase communication among student-athletes, coaches and faculty
- Expand the support network and resources for student-athletes
- Continue to bridge the academic and athletic worlds of student-athletes
- Increase the attraction for top high school scholar athletes
The program is flexible in encouraging a wide range of activities. Therefore faculty members can pick activities that meet their scheduling needs while not requiring an unreasonable time commitment:
- Be available to counsel athletes with academic and other conflicts they may encounter
- Stop by a practice and/or a game
- Sit on the bench or shadow the coach
- Attend an away game
- Participate in team dinners, banquets, or other activities in a less-formal setting
- Get to know the team members by name – build relationships
- Share a Stacks Market meal with team members and/or coaches – breakfast, lunch, or dinner
- Stay involved / connected out of season
- Serve as a recruiting contact for potential Penn State Harrisburg students
- Invite the athletes or a visiting recruit to sit in on one of your classes
- Bring your family to a team function
- Participate in a team's community service project
- Wear team gear around campus on game days (provided by the coach)
If you are interested in volunteering to be a faculty mentor for one of our varsity athletic programs or in gathering more information, please contact Faculty Athletic Representative Dr. Rebecca Weiler-Timmins at rat146@psu.edu or 717-948-6211.

Faculty Athletic Mentors





Baseball Jesse Middaugh Business jlm10@psu.edu
Men's Basketball Roderick Lee Business rll142@psu.edu
Women's Basketball Jody Salsman Business jms1323@psu.edu
Men's Soccer David Buehler Business dlb74@psu.edu
Women's Soccer Allen Urich BSED aeu3@psu.edu
Softball  Brenna Hill  SSET bre122@psu.edu
Men's Tennis Nik Tsotakos SSET nxt12@psu.edu
Women's Tennis Nik Tsotakos SSET nxt12@psu.edu
Men's XC, Track & Field Stephanie Morrow Humanities slp205@psu.edu
Women's XC, Track & Field Stephanie Morrow Humanities slp205@psu.edu
Women's Volleyball Ozge Aybat Business oua3@psu.edu